The Geeky Pinup Redhead

A Seriously Dorky Redheaded Comic Chick

WELCOME! Hey I'm the geeky pinup redhead. Back story....aww man it's an origin. I've been collecting comics since eleven and became quite the mastermind. I'm an ex bullied chick and comics saved me from a life that was WAY too real. Join me on my comic book musings, rants and reviews. I'm also a comedic genius and once i get that infinity gauntlet don't make me snap that sh××


 Geeky Pinup Redhead

A Truly Dorky Redheaded Comic Book Chick

Origin story....we all have one. Bullied chick finds her calling in pulp pages of adventure. Damn...that was quick. Seriously though comics saved my life. I found kinship with X-Men and lived in stacks with long boxes for pillows it felt. I've collected since i was eleven and i don't intend to stop anytime soon. Think of me as a comic genius.


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